an anthology of artists’ films and installations


Actually, I’m not interested to buy at this moment. But I’d like to see the full version of a selection or all works of Videoart at Midnight Edition.
Click theI’m interested in Button on the artwork page and personalize your message, sharing information about your collection or institution and your interest. Within 1–3 days, we will response your request. Or just call +49 30 283 863 12.

How can I get more information about the work?
Click the I’m interested in button on the artwork page. Personalize your message, sharing information about your collection, institution or interest. Ask you questions. Within 1–3 days, we will answer you. Or just call +49 30 283 863 12.

How can I pay?
You can pay via bank wire or credit card or PayPal. For credit cards payments we use PayPal but you do not need a PayPal account in order to pay with your credit card.

How can I ensure the authenticity of the works?
Each work includes a certificates of authenticity, dated and signed by the artist. The certificate also include the full address of the artist’s studio.

why does the editions have different prices?
Videoart at Midnight Edition starts each issue with the same very low release price of just 680 EUR (incl. VAT). With each sold copy of an edition the price rises in small steps but constantly.

Can I negotiate for works?
The release price of 680 EUR (inkl. VAT) is also the price for subscribers. So be fast or decide to subscribe. This will also guaranty that you get a work of each edition! If you decide to purchase a bundle of works, get into contact with us. We will talk about pricing. But please understand, we calculate rather tight and fair – therefore we can’t give further discounts on single works.

I am hesitant to purchase an artwork “on line”. Can I return the work if I do not feel as strongly about it when it arrives?
We will send you a link to see the work in full quality and full length. We also can send you a high resolution picture of the box and it’s content. With the art work you will get the original archival copy which you can copy on your hard drive or server. Please understand that for this reason we can’t take back the art work. If there should be any technical problems or you should need any support, we will help.